Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nothing is ever as it seems

When Owlcity sang in their chorus for the song Fireflies that “It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep because everything is never as it seems,” it was hard to figure the band’s source of inspiration, until the reality hit me too. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever as it seems.

This reality is everywhere for all to see, and if you have not yet seen it, then you aint really looking. We have, as a species, created ourselves a legacy of living lives lined by deceit and dishonesty as unwritten rules, so bad, that we graduated that to nonverbal forms where we now simply live a lie.

Life seems to be driven like an advertising campaign, where we wrap up most things in nice good-looking wrapping, only to get disappointed when after removing the wrapper, nothing inside bares the slightest of resemblance with what is outside. Like Shakespeare said in Much Ado About Nothing, “Oh what a goodly outside falsehood hath.”

It’s the kind of thing that strikes you when you hit puberty, and from then on, all the while till you are senile and drop off dead. You have probably been unfortunate enough to experience, with great pain, the feeling of utter disgust that hits you when you run into a stunning beauty of a woman, (the kind that makes Kierra Knightly feel inferior) and you expect, that at the very least, she will replicate the high figures she gets for her beauty, for her brains as well...but instead, for some undecipherable reason, the law of inverse proportions then takes effect. Hope Sarah Palin has not read that.

You obviously take a good look at human beings all day long; dressed to kill in sharp edged suits, all looking the definition of well groomed, respectable, educated, important, name it. But inside those deceptive suits, are simply a pile of rogues masquerading as ladies, and gentlemen. Inside those suits are thieves, pillagers, murderers...the very kind of people the police warns you to run away from.

And then comes the clergy, and the whole church/Bible/mosque/Quran business. Take a good look at pastors, or Roman Catholic priests for that case. They carry the image of the holiest man on earth; taking turns every Sunday to scare us of everlasting hell fire (unless we follow their ways) if they are not asking us to give them money so that Jesus Christ can buy a new Hammer, or a Cadillac, or a Mercedes, or a Porsche. But right after service, they are straight to what they do best...taking 11 year old choir boys through co-curricular activity.

The Holy books, as they are deceptively referred to, the costume drama from hell with probably more horrific stories than any journals about Darfur or Rwanda or Gulu or North Korea will ever have...but they are stilled largely regarded, by billions of people, as books of peace.

It is election time in Uganda, and after 24 years under one regime, with a large sections of youths born after 1986, who have seen the digital age, who have been raised on Youtube, who know the definition of a rogue, a dictator, and a pillager by heart...and guess what they do...go straight ahead and support the guy like they were born in 1962. The head of state does some crappy excuse of a rap and then all hearts are warming towards – with half those hearts unemployed.

Take a good look at yourself, with your moustache and six packs if you are a guy, and that pimple-less dimpled smile if you are a girl, and you think you are beautiful, striking just like lightning during a storm. But that is just a wrapper. Go just half a millimetre below that coat of skin and you will not like what you see one minute. It is the reason we brush our teeth every morning, struggle to dress and look good, spend litres of perfume on ourselves so that we smell likes oranges, or berries, or flowers...and keep running away from who we truly are.

We strive to be rich; to get the money that will buy all the cars and all the houses and all the beer and get all the girls and then get noticed and praised and worshipped and feared and revered like a god. But there is only one destination, death. It’s vanity, utter sheer vanity that not even churches have been able to escape even though Jesus told them that the rich will hardly get into heaven.

We were told that if we worked hard at school, we would have a prosperous future. Well, we worked hard in school and yet even till now, we are jobless. We fell in love with girls/boys who we thought were the best things that had ever happened to us, heaven on earth facsimiles, and before we are even marking an anniversary, they are cheating on you with your best friend.

That is the life we live. A life where we present the falsehood on the outside and only show the truth where no one, (at times even us), can see. You definitely have friends who you smile with, buy drinks, give lifts, at times even give money and yet you loathe them to the core. And you can’t help it. You would choose to continue doing it any way if given the chance. You are simply caught up in this web where Nothing Is Ever As It Seems.

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