Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cd Review: 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold

The rise of electronica
Artiste: 3OH!3
Album: Streets of Gold
Genre: Electronica
Reviewer: John K. Abimanyi

This is the kind of music that confirms just how much the industry has embraced Euro-dance and techno and helped create the genre of the moment; Electronica. If 3OH!3 was doing this in 2000, they would have sounded like Westlife, Souljazz or 4th Avenue Jones. But this is the year 2010 and now many brains in the industry are directing musical acts into a diluted form of the Trance and Techno that got us all wild and shouting and jumping and waving our shirts in the air when Darude’s Sandstorm kicked through.

The band has the ability to come off as either a Pop, Metal Punk, Rap or even Hip-Rock-Soul outfit. But the two boys that make up the cast, Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, combine all the three attributes, weave a wave of Electro fusions around them, and the result is a somewhat colourful danceable sound that however comes off as a little overdone.

One moment, the duo sounds so mellow and sober with near Pop arrangements like on the songs R.I.P and Streets of Gold, and then they swap those jackets for a gangster outlook on I Can Do Anything and Love2012, all the while as they maintain those frisky mechanised trance inciting Add-ins. It is thus no wonder that Ke$ha is one of the only two artistes featured on this CD; with all her adolescent-girl wasted-ness. Double Vision is one agreeable Electro effort that comes with some catchy Nah-nah-nahs somewhere in its chorus.

This album will excite many into singing along to some choruses but you can’t fail to notice the rise of the machines on this CD. Human involvement is being sent down to a bare minimum with mechanical Frutty Loop manufactured dance tunes charting the way for musicians to follow.


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