Sunday, November 28, 2010

oh how i look forward to the year 2510

It is utterly dumbfounding to figure how each generation of the human race in our distant history has lived its life basing on the creed that they are going to be the last inhabitants on earth. Only for the next generation to end up thinking so too, with even more zeal, forgetting that everyone before them thought they were the lucky soul chosen to witness the end of the world.

Largely championed by religious zealots and sadomasochistic individuals, words like “The End-Times” are now everyday ingredients of our life, with many wannabe prophets taking up the slightest occurrence of open sexual expression or catastrophe as a sign that the world is winding up, and at times, even celebrating on news of such incidents.

But the world is not about to end, and there is no End-Times.

In fact, if there is anything that humanity should look forward to now, it is the gradual improvement of our race and the life it endures while on this planet; not wasting precious hours preparing ourselves for an Armageddon that will finally obliterate our little planet down here and send us to Kingdom come, if at all it is going to come anyway.

Before 2010
For mankind to arrive at 2010, we have had to make it against all odds.

We have survived such bogus systems as theocracies, which ruled man with rules that some ‘god’ had written (including righteous orders to attack other tribes and make them slaves). And then we overcame monarchies; a savage form of dictatorship that raised one man over the rest and forced societies to pay homage to him and all his descendants, regardless of whether they had anything in between their ears or not. We endured slavery and racism, especially of Africans, the inquisition and other forms of religious persecution and illiteracy. We have discovered democracy, and although it is not perfect, it provides a better system than whatever came before it. Science and technology have come in handy to show that diseases like HIV are actually not a result of curses or evil spirits, but rather, infection from disease causing germs.

But 2010 is miles away from the finished product that we wish for all humanity to share in. We are still held up in many a backward lifestyle that even the backward ignoramuses of 1510 did.

The year 2510
And that is why I look forward to the year 2510.

Going by the current surge in technological breakthroughs, human beings living in 2510 will be too technologically advanced to fall for any of the superstitious beliefs and absurd traditions that we still keep today.

Human beings will have realised by then that men’s sexual urges are not out-of control and thus there being no reason for women of certain faiths to cover themselves from head to toe in Burkas. We will have learnt by then that religions which teach husbands to beat their wives if they disobey their commands are the very definition of crimes against humanity.

In 2510, homosexuals will enjoy their full rights on this planet; not dreading any self-appointed moralist who thinks that God gave them the ‘calling’ to drive the evil out of society. The pastor Ssempas and Hon Bahatis of 2510 will be wiser than to dictate the sexual design and orientation of other human beings. In fact, all religions will carry out open gay marriages by then. People will mind their business, and not waste other people’s time trying to talk girls out of wearing mini-skirts or G-strings, or hot-pants, or whatever skimpy clothing there is or even banning pornography.

The Catholic Church will have grown a little more mature and will have realised that it can’t de-campaign contraceptives forever. And who knows, we could have had the first female Pope by 2510. It will have learnt from its mistakes with Galileo that you rarely win aginst science!

Above all, mankind will have progressed far enough to treat any religious teaching to the test of morality and not go committing atrocities simply because ‘god’ says so.
With integration now growing by the second, and with its resultant effect, intermarriages, races and cultures will have intermingled so much; there will not be much need for a Muganda to sneer at a Ugandan with a sharp nose, or the other way round. People in 2510 will look back and wonder how on earth we were able to be tribalistic!

Racism too, especially in the Northern Hemisphere could as well have fizzled out by then. You disagree? Well, who thought the US would ever have a black president in our lifetime.

Africa will probably have made the biggest strides.

We are looking at a majority educated society here in 2510; who will probably cast their votes with the full knowledge of how democratic societies are supposed to function. Just like we look back to the year 1800 with mockery, human beings in the year 2510 will look back at us and laugh out loud!

10-year-old history students will read about the Post-Election-Violence in Kenya, and about Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and will wonder how citizens ever allowed their states to sink to such lows. They will read about Uganda in 2010, and how we allowed a pile of guerrilla bandits to rule the country for nearly a generation, all the while as they got support from supposedly educated folk, and they will not hold back their sheer disgust with us.

Absurd superstitions like hunting down albinos, genitally mutilating girls and forcing girls into marriages will have ceased by then.

Above all, our science and technology will have improved. We will have learnt a lot more about our bodies and why they operate the way they do, we could have discovered a life supporting planet in the galaxies, who knows, we could end up finding that after all, we (the citizens of earth), are not the only people around. The UN has already set up an office for just in case aliens appeared. Probably cars will be able to fly by then, and even the very poorest will be able to fly them. Disease will be a very containable feat by then; we even could have got the vaccine for HIV by then.

But before we get to the year 2510, we must make sure we keep Ahmedinajad away from those nuclear weapons. He is not really the worry. It’s his fundamentalist buddies that worry us. Those guys are so in-love with the end-of-the-world that they want to blows all of us to that kingdom right away, except that there is no kingdom that is going to come.

So we had all better do our bit in ensuring that the days of later human-beings are better than our own. Like Moses, we have been taken to the mountain top, and although we know we will not reach there, we’ve seen how good it will be. The year 2510, I simply can’t wait!


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