Sunday, November 28, 2010

CD Review: The script - Science and Faith

If anyone wanted a tutorial on how to organise their coarse, flat-tasting compilation of sound into music with attitude, into a spiced up dish of colourful sound with a sticky layer that intends not to leave your memory alone, then this is the band for you.

Originating from Ireland, The Script have just accomplished 10 songs that once listened to will simultaneously strive to continuously replay in your mind like a computer virus.

Melody is their thing; they do it like woodpeckers do peck wood. Each chorus you dissent into is like a trip into sheer audio fertility, with an infectious tune at every corner. The band deploys its three-piece arsenal with front-man Danny O’Donoghue’s vocals siding with the piano and bass guitar to tickle your nerves away to some auditory bliss, as the drums and other assortments come in as accompaniments.

The emphasis of this melody is mainly on the choruses, where the band makes up for at-times crappy rickety verses to give you a smooth -sail to forgetting all the earlier trouble. The choruses after the first verses come with the usual agreeable-ness that all choruses ought to have. But the bar is raised a notch higher after the bridge, when extra spices of a little animated adlibbing here, a little inclusion of high pitched tenor there and that sweet “ooohing” every so often come in place. Here, The Script suddenly ceases to be any other band.

For the First Time, Nothing and Dead Man Walking take the honours. If there is a fault with this CD, it’s the possibility that a listener may find it an outdone attempt to be too mellow. But that does not hurt anyone, now, does it?

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