Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CD Review: Iyaz - Replay

Sean Kingston gets a prodigy
Artiste: Iyaz (Keidran Jones)
Album: Replay
Genre: Caribbean R&B/Reggae
Reviewer: John K. Abimanyi

Sean Kingston is only 20 years-old but he has already done enough to help him groom other musicians and lead them down the very musical route he has trodden. Iyaz, another Caribbean sensation, is Sean Kingston’s carbon copy. He is the Kingston with a slightly more highly pitched voice, an effect that comes up because Iyaz got his mentoring and music production from Kingston.

You have probably heard Iyaz express his catchy vocals before; especially on the highly charting Pyramid on which he was featured by the Philippine singer, Sharice. The song made such a palatable mixture of his pidgin Caribbean flavour and her sweet sustainable vocals. On the Replay CD, Iyaz tries to deliver on both ends without Sharice’s vocal accomplishments and he still somehow manages not to outdo himself.

There You Are flows along fast-paced although lightweight R&B beats that you should trust to make the ear feel most at home. Its verses run along a slower tempo until the chorus comes in where he adds a little vocal spice with some lovely adlibs. It, just like most of the album, is a love song. Friend specially strikes at the very heart of many a lovers’ state as he begs his lover to grant him a more-than-just-friends status. Its flow too gets it just as right. Replay, the lead single from the CD may prove to be the action attraction. He sings that the “showty(girl) is like a melody in my head that I can’t keep out…” Listening to Replay will make you realise that the song too has similar powers.

Iyaz’ main weak link is that he stands in Kinston’s shadow. Replay sounds like a continuation of an album that Kingston left uncompleted a while back. But that should not bother a music fan whose soul interest is simply good music to listen to.


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