Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CD Review: Eliza Doolittle - Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle does not do little
Artiste: Eliza Doolittle
Album: Eliza Doolittle
Genre: Classic Folk-Pop
Reviewer: John K. Abimanyi

If you have a taste for folklore and the strong cultural signatures that come with the package, then you finally have a music CD that you can look forward to this year. Eliza Doolittle, a mere 21-year-old British girl, has come to your ears’ rescue with an album whose sound you last heard on sound tracks from 1970 movies or foreign kindergarten rhymes; and that does not cheat its contemporariness one bit.

Creativity is at its prime on this musical journey that gently undulates with easy-to-sing-to mellow rhymes that should send an extra chilly breeze in your nerves’ direction. Her songs are lightweight ballads made up of her versatile honey-sweet vocals, and then, an agreeable mixture of the organ, drums, violin, bass and acoustic guitar.

Your defences will not hold on too long against the sheer melodic sweetness of her soprano on Mr Medicine, that’s then intertwined with a layer of even sweeter tenor when she crosses the bridge and aims towards the climax. Her choruses will remind you of your Kindergarten days – yes, they have that simple loveliness that does not offend. She sweetly animates her way round her choruses with rhythmically timed whistles, bird-chirping-like tweets among a whole collection of such auditory beauties.

Skinny Jeans, Mr Medicine, Nobody, and Pack Up command the top-batting order on this team of hit-men. Mr Medicine especially highlights the light-weighted nature of the themes on display here singing about medicine, and then self-esteem and cop-cars on Nobody and Police Car.

This CD will bore the life out of anybody that prefers their music loud and raging to the eardrum. Its constant melodies will however make you glad you at last have a CD to which you can listen with your kids in tow.

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