Sunday, November 28, 2010

CD Review: DRAKE - Thank me later

So soft, it is hardly hip-hop
Artiste: Drake
Album: Thank me later
Genre: Hip-hop
Reviewer: John K. Abimanyi

This is way too soft, way too vocally spiced and way too melodised to qualify as a hip-hop product. And what’s worse, (depending on what is good about hip-hop to you), the boy’s beats are too light-weight; as if the songs were recorded with the drums on a near mute volume. You’ll have to blast the life out of your stereo if you want to create the usual hip-hop ambience on this record. No wonder Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and Timbaland find featuring on this CD a comfortable ride indeed.

Drake grabs the microphone on every song and then sluggishly drops into some extremely laid back rap-line flows, taking his time, seeming un-bothered by the clock, like we have all day to listen to one song. And then the choruses come in and boy, Drake makes you wonder why he hasn’t yet signed up for a job as a vocalist for some musical outfit. Kanye West for starters could use one.

And yet don’t mistake the softness for a drop in the intonation of the usual hip-hop themes effortlessly thrown about. It does not stop him from being infatuated with his self, and then rubbing it in our faces as heard on Over and Light Up

Thank Me Later is not noted for having out-standing hits but for maintain a cool and smooth sailing flow of non-aggressive rap music across the album. It is a feat that should endear Drake to even non-hip-hop fans, especially those who shun it for its loud and headache inducing arduous beats. The 24 year old should thus delight in his ability to do hip-hop that has soothing abilities.

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  1. Drake has the talent at rapping but is not really displayed on the album. I've heard him absolutely kill his songs but here the verses are only decent. The production also may have held him back. The album is way too laid back and seems as if he would have benefit from more vibrant and lively production. I've listened to the album 4 times and I always get tired around the middle of the album.